COVID-19: Care home colleagues struggle to access tests

According to the managers of some care homes, responsible for the care of thousands of vulnerable people, their staff have received no testing.

The BBC spoke to 210 care homes, 159 of which reported that they had received no testing.

The logistics of accessing tests is one reason people are unable to receive testing. Some reported a 3 hour round trip.

In total, 23 care homes spread across England – including some in Oxfordshire, Bristol, Teesside and Yorkshire – said far away drive-through test centres were a problem, leaving staff who do not have cars unable to access them.

In an attempt to keep the promise that “all symptomatic staff, residents and their families would be tested.” the government have drafted in armed forces personnel to man testing centres.

World Health Organization (WHO” expert Dr Hans Kluge commented on the international approach to dealiing with COVID-19 and concluded that the “pandemic had shone a spotlight on the “overlooked and undervalued corners of society”.