COVID-19: Tests now available to millions of key workers

A many as 10 million key workers and those they live with can now book a COVID-19 test online or access them through their employer.

The move allows all essential workers in England to request tests on the government’s website, if they or those they live with have virus symptoms.

Matt Hancock said the testing would be “part of getting Britain back on her feet”. The aim is to allow essential staff to safely return to work.

The target to reach 100.000 tests per day has not yet been met.

On Thursday 23,560 tests were carried out. Health Secretary, Hancock said capacity had now increased to 51,000 per day.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

The following steps were laid out by The Health Secretary

  • Enter your details online
  • You will receive a text
  • Follow the instructions in the text to either attend a drive through centre or order a home kit.

Mr Hancock has said the “majority” of people will get their result in 24 hours, but for some it might take a bit longer.

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