Nurses Who Killed: Charles Cullen

Charles Cullen spent 16 years as a serial killing nurse before he was finally caught in 2003. He admitted to killing up to 40 patients with lethal injections during that time, although it’s believed that this may be a conservative estimate.

Although Cullen is the only one to blame for his actions, there were many medical professionals along the way who could have stopped him from harming patients. In fact, after Cullen was caught, most of the seven hospitals he worked for reported that they had suspected he was hurting the people in his care. It’s unclear why none of these hospitals contacted the police or, at the very least, made their concerns known to his subsequent employers when they verified his work references.

Cullen’s long tenure in the medical field enabled him to become the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history. He was given a prison term of 127 years.