Genius nurse “jiggles” sharps bin a little, rather than replacing it.

An ingenious Staff Nurse from Blackpool has “jiggled” a full sharps bin vigorously in order to save herself and her colleagues from the effort of replacing it. Someone with less intiative may well have disposed of the full receptacle, but Carol Kankle decided for a more inventive option. “I was like, if I just jiggle it about a bit I reckon I could get this clexane in there. So I gave it a good shake and that made room for one or two more.”

Carol doesn’t see this as beyond her call of duty. “The thing is, you have to use your head in this game. Nobody asked me to do it, but that’s the kind of person I am. I’m selfless.”

Staff Nurse Kankle will continue to use the full sharps box, eventually creating some sort of weird sysring hedgehog. The inevitable sharps injury will take place and Carol has pledged her full support to anyone who falls victim to it. “You see, if your at work and you get jabbed and get a disease or summink, you just make a claim and you get some cash for it. Everyone’s a winner. Anyway, they should sort this place out, it’s a disgrace.”