This is Unbelievable! NMC Slammed by Regulatory Watchdog.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have been heavily criticised by the Professional Standards Authority in a lessons learned report. 

  • The NMC demonstrated poor record keeping throughout the process, lost and missing records were identified by the investigation.
  • The NMC failed to access clinical advice early enough in the investigations, instead relying on allegations drafted by lawyers and unqualified case workers.
  • The NMC demonstrated an inability to uncover facts pertinent to the cases being investigated. So much so that the independent investigation team displayed a “sense of disbelief that no individual or organisation had identified what was going on at FGH as it was readily apparent from clinical records and the local investigation reports”.
  • The NMC failed to investigate 22 reports from Cumbria police.
  • The NMC dismissed and failed to investigate reports brought by family members.
  • The NMC failed to properly investigate allegations of collusion and dishonesty during the investigation.

The list goes on and on. We will be looking into this further and bringing you further analysis. For now, if you want to read the report we’ve added it here.

This is really gut wrenching reading. We’re sure that the NMC are seeking to make improvements through their strategic transformation programme, but the facts presented in this report absolutely stink of a systemic and cultural problem within the NMC. Anecdotal evidence throughout the profession largely supports this view. Public and professional confidence in this so called regulator will surely take a further hit now.

More to come on this story later. Keep an eye out.