Poll: Would You encourage Your Children to Become Nurses?

It has to be the acid test, right? If you wouldn’t recommend it to your children or children in your family, surely something is really wrong.

In 2013 the NHS Friends and Family Test ( FFT ) was launched. It’s a survey that captures patient feedback in relation to the care or services they have received. Since it was started it has captured 25 million pieces of patient feedback. It’s proving to be an important source of data for service providers. One of the questions asked is “How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”. This has got us thinking.

For many, fiends and family are everything. The thought of sending your loved one to receive care in an establishment that is sub standard would worry many people. So, how do we feel about sending the next generation into the profession in which we now reside?

When writing this I got to thinking about the pros and cons of doing the job we do. Why did I become a nurse? I’m going to be completely honest, it wasn’t some sort of spiritual calling. I didn’t start out to “make a difference”. I was looking for a career and when I found one that would allow me to “make a difference” as well as earn a living and never get bored, I thought I was on to a winner. I loved patient contact and I saw it as a real privilege, but that alone wouldn’t pay the bills.

The media would have you believe that the world of nursing is all doom and gloom. There’s a sort of “no good news is worthy news” attitude. People don’t seem to want to hear about the good stuff that goes on. This is worrying, because if you’re considering a career in nursing the information you have access to will be highly biased. However, we do have a duty to inform those considering a nursing career of the pitfalls of doing so.

The Scenario:

You’re the nurse in the family and everyone knows it. One of the children in the family, perhaps even your son or daughter, comes to you for advice. They’ve seen an NHS recruitment campaign for nurses and they think it’s something they may want to do. They’re just about to finish high school and they want to start planning their career. Based on your experience and current situation…

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