Nurse Proud of Putting Empty Meds Packets Back!

Gloucestershire nurse Jamie Crackslap has continually placed empty medicine boxes back in the drug cabinet.

When talking to Nurse Station Jamie Said. “I often have to fight the urge to put them in the bin and replace the box. I’m not entirely sure why I do it, maybe I just don’t care. I regularly  take boxes from the other drug cabinets without replacing those too. Hashtag don’t care innit”

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Such practices have become common place on wards throughout the country. Blogs and forums across the internet are full of people gloating about overfilling the pan masher and deleting the most recent handover on the computer. One “e-boaster” said “I literally couldn’t give a toss how many ‘Do not put more than two pans in at a time!’ signs you put up. I’ll do what I want and then never own up to it. In fact, I may even join in the outrage when it breaks and gossip about who may have done it”.

In 2016 the Royal Institute of Selfish Twats (RIST) surveyed it’s members to try and estimate the extent to which selfish twattery was being carried out in the UK healthcare sector. Nobody responded, presumably because they were too selfish, but at a free lunch event held by RIST many members reported a thriving culture of selfish twattery. Some reported “regularly claiming that they had been too busy to do obs” when they clearly had ample time.

So, given the example of Jamie, the online chatter and the popularity of RIST, it would appear that selfish twattery is here to stay.

Are you a selfish twat? Do you know one or work with one? Let us know.

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