Pay rise for NHS staff could be close.

Health unions are said to be close to a deal on NHS pay during talks with NHS top brass.

Pay negotiations are currently underway between health unions, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS Employers.

The government and NHS employers have expressed concern about recruitment and retention within the NHS and appear to be keen to find a way forward. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond has already gestured toward more funding for higher pay. The government also said it would scrap the 1% pay cap for NHS staff.

All signs appear to be positive, but intentions alone will not deliver a pay rise. The negotiations are said to be positive, but the detail is lacking somewhat. There are rumours that a 6.9% pay rise over 3 years has been proposed, but at the cost of one day of annual leave. It’s difficult to see such a sacrifice going down well, especially when the unions feel that the government is simply playing catch up.

Any deal will need to be approved by government and the Treasury has indicated that in return for a pay deal working practices may have to be updated.

It’s positive that such talks are taking place. It’s also a good sign that they appear to be making progress. However, the devil will be in the detail.

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